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Keeping Your Car Keys Safe on the Beach

Tuesday 05 February 2019 at 05:02 am.

Everybody loves to go for a ride to the beach and have a dip. It is one of the most relaxing experiences you can get in life. But one dilemma that you face in the beach is where to keep your car keys. You can keep your valuables inside your car but where do you place your car keys when you want to go for a swim and no one is with you? Here are some tips:

 Make new friends

If there are houses or small bars in the beach, try to make friends with the people who live there or the waitress or bartender and ask if they can keep your car key for the mean time while you take a dip. This takes a huge act of faith so make sure you choose someone you can deem trustworthy. Find more information about Car key replacement on afalocksmith-birmingham.com.

Bury it

If trust is not an option for you, find a bush or a huge rock or post that stands out and bury your key there. It is important that you remember where you buried it, otherwise, you might just lose your key.

 Diaper hack

Look for a mom with a baby in the beach and see if you can ask her for one diaper. Wet the diaper with some water and put your key under it. Then, set it in a bag near or beneath your towel. Nobody would mess with a used diaper.

 To make sure that you do not need to look for a car key replacement at the end of your beach day, it also helps to come prepared. You can get swimming shorts with waterproof pockets (for electronic keys) or zippered pockets (for regular keys). Another way is to get a waterproof case similar to a waterproof cellphone case that has cords which you can tie on the strap of your suit. With waterproof materials, you will be able to take your key with you when you swim. Take note that these cases will not be able to stand immersion so do not go diving with them.