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Don’t want to be shown the door? Things to do to save the job

Wednesday 15 November 2017 at 04:02 am.

Recession has had a horrible effect on the world. Who knew that just a few changes in some numbers would end up altering the very fate of the corporate world while also destroying millions of lives around the globe?

But all is not lost yet. Some who were fortunate enough to hold on their jobs should realize that they are not out of the woods yet. In such a competitive world, all the good employees are being fired left and right. This means that ANY employee can lose ANY job at ANY time.

The bright side is, this situation can be avoided by keeping this list in mind:

1) Increase the applied skill-set and make yourself better

This isn’t a compulsion but it will certainly help a lot. Finding it tough to deal with a particular part of the workload? Increase your skills. Strengthen your basics. Show that even in such tough times, you can be a better employee. Keep presenting new ideas. Show the company heads your positive side. Remember, it is better to work a little harder than not work at all.

2) Take greater responsibilities

If you are one of the few employees who has successfully been able to keep his or her job this shows that the company has some faith left in you. Use this as an advantage. Work harder. Take increased amounts of workload. Work overtime. Volunteer yourself for leadership opportunities in team projects. Instill new thinking. Show the company that there is still a lot of hope and optimism in the field.

3) Open yourselves to suggestions

Considering that the number of employees is reducing, many heads will start new strategic and analytical approaches. So all those left will be briefed not only on the new systems but also asked to improve in a few areas. Instead of taking this as any sort of error on your part, take this as an incentive. If you have been asked to brush up on the basics, do it. Involve yourselves more in the current scenario. Study these new approaches and adapt yourself to it. Get better at the job. That’s the only way of saving it.

4) Be alert and vigilant

People can be the employees of the year in companies; they still end up getting fired. There is no guarantee to any job for a lengthy period of time no matter how good employees are at it. This should be kept in mind as well. Keep reading the newspapers regularly. Register yourself on networking sites in your own job areas. Explore the websites of popular companies like Tata Communications careers and check for prospective openings. Make sure to keep in touch with employees of other companies to know if there is a better job opening. Just because times are hard, it doesn’t mean growth has to stop.

These four information pieces are the perfect Bible for every employee. Following this means not only securing a job; it means keeping oneself well-prepared for anything.