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Choosing Designs for Foil Business Cards: Helpful Tips

Friday 12 July 2019 at 04:53 am. Used tags: , ,

Business cards are undoubtedly simple yet very effective tool in marketing. Everybody in the business world seem to be using business cards to introduce their products, the services they are offering and the things they do for their business or product.  While it could not be denied that there are many advanced marketing tools that are being used today, business cards remain to be useful and could not be eliminated in the business world.

Did you know that most people using business cards have said goodbye to the traditional designs of business cards? Most of them have switched to foil business cards which are undoubtedly appealing and eye catching. If you want to know more about foil business cards, you can find its details on platinum prints.

Interested? How about planning a design for your foil business cards?

Designing your own Foil Business Card:

So, your picking up a design for your first foil business cards? Before you jump into your designs, here are some tips that you could look into in order to choose the best foil business cards:

Emphasized on the essentials. Your foil business card should contain your company logo, business name, and usually two lines of contact information: company website, email address, and cellphone numbers.

  • If you want your foil business cards to stand out among others, being a minimalist with more metallic space can attract an eye. Your foil business cards may appear in gold, silver or bronze, stunning colours that would stand out among other colours. Let the prints compliment on any metallic colour you have chosen.
  • Make sure that your foil business cards can boost your confidence when dealing with potential clients. Cards with dense text and images can look unprofessional. The appearance of your foil business cards is shiny and outstanding. Do not add any details that could make your card look heavy and uninteresting.